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  06/05/2006; 0.42.14

lunedì 24 aprile 2006



Quando il blog mi viene tradotto da google, comincia che mi chiamo Navy  invece di marina,

 e va avanti così, io mi diverto tanto.

Qui i commenti di chissà che post, da leggere a voce alta a qualcuno che si sta annoiando.;sl=...


And ringrazia that the cats have not helped you... Are specialist to dive themselves to rocket in mucchietti of flowers and the leaves that laboriously you collect, to roll up to mo' of ball around the saggina of the broom...

PlacidaSignora ⢠7/13/05; 9:41:52 PM #

mioddio..verranno also in swimming pool? lasceranno the door of the kitchen for. naah! but if they make it you I say

navy ⢠7/13/05; 10:53:22 PM #

Careful that the small do not fall in water... no..tranquilla it will not happen! -))

gianna ⢠7/18/05; 8:29:58 AM #

I confess. Endured I have thought pits given to the erotica literature. Then I have read all. Good sweet birthday wanderer.

George-vr ⢠7/18/05; 8:33:41 AM #

beh but well that I am interested of all. thanks. six remembered to you grazie.c' are a song that I have intentional makes me to sing, the Beatles know. Would you still need me, would you still feed me, when I' m... remember that? I now feel them, here after the festina, and comp. the all cats have eaten, also the hosts are calm. oodnight

navy ⢠7/19/05; 1:09:09 AM #

"All: the cats have eaten also the hosts." Saint sky!!! And the relatives you have you perceive them? Good day

George-vr ⢠7/19/05; 8:26:23 AM #

oodnight George.

navy ⢠7/20/05; 12:13:43 AM #


Bacchus ⢠2/6/06; 3:20:48 PM #

I find myself sperso, between comments that I do not understand that direction has taken. Perhaps because they are bewitched from the photography.

Effe ⢠2/8/06; 11:21:21 AM #

here, anch' I. but I have asked the aid for Paul Valdemarin. It will try that the time exists, even if are contrary sperso, figured we that we feel such and which, only guardandoci..

navy ⢠2/8/06; 10:09:37 PM #

But the gattini they have divorato also your cellular one? ' - (

PlacidaSignora ⢠2/11/06; 10:53:54 PM #

As you are beautiful... L.

lorenzo ⢠2/12/06; 11:01:30 AM #

Evviva I succeed to comment also... After hours of job... L.

lorenzo ⢠2/12/06; 11:02:17 AM #

oh..come you have made? every thing is illuminated!

navy ⢠2/13/06; 1:11:59 AM #

Mitì, not indeed new evidence dài please

navy ⢠2/13/06; 1:12:34 AM #

I read of a birthday auguries in delay: *

giarina ⢠2/16/06; 4:23:57 AM #

not not, it is the birthday of the past year! for carità.sono a gamberetto of July Giarina. you see that confusion; -)) how you are? here it is spring today, margheritine and sirocco, bulbs that crack the earth I do not know in turn, but for me the winter is ended. FINITOO! they are happy you know

navy ⢠2/17/06; 3:22:12 PM #

You are beautifulst!!!!!!! a beloved salute! gianna

gianna ⢠2/20/06; 7:49:44 PM #

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